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Redhill Drain Surveys

It's often recommended for you to get a CCTV drain survey for your residence or commercial property. These often uncover hidden costs that could be quite significant. If you would like a professional CCTV Drainage Survey performed with the very latest Drainage Survey equipment we can help you.

Redhill Jetting Services Direct are a Checkatrade-approved drain survey company, offering CCTV drain inspection, pre-purchase drain surveys and blocked drain surveys. As well as providing you the survey we can also provide you with repairs to any drainage issues or problems identified with your drainage system.

We provide the very best service and an affordable domestic CCTV drain surveys in Redhill, our CCTV drain survey starting pricing starts from only £100 + VAT.

Redhill Drain Surveys From ONLY £100 + VAT.

You can call our local team from the number below but if you're not sure who to call or what service you need then call our head office today on 01737 400 332.

Three simple steps to get a CCTV drain survey...

1. Call us today to schedule your survey.

Our expert staff will give you expert advice and can arrange a time to complete your CCTV drain survey. We will provide you with a firm pricing estimate for the works requested.

2. The next step is to visit and perform complete the CCTV drain survey.

Our engineers will visit the property and carry out the CCTV drain survey as requested, we will record the survey and arranage for the requested information to be provided back.

3. Take a quick look or get a comprehensive report

We offer two options: a quick look, or a comprehensive report of what we have found. We will provide this based on your requirements.


Quick Look Survey

A quick look survey designed to quickly identify any problems.

Blocked Drains

Full Report

A comprehensive report including details on any issues identified, this can be used for multiple purposes.

Septic Tank

Pre-Purchase Survey

Buying a home can be expensive, avoid unexpected problems with our pre-purchase survey.


Drain Problems

Identify problems such as rodent infestation or surface flooding with our CCTV surveys.

Why would you need a drain survey?

You are buying a new home in Redhill? You are building an extension in Redhill? Problems with rat infestation? You have surface flooding? Persistent drain problems Your property has subsidence?

What if I don't need the full report?

We do offer a "quick look" drain survey, the engineer will show you the footage and highlight any drainage issues from the survey. We offer this as a cost effective and quick way for those who do not require the footage or a full written report. We also offer CCTV Drain Surveys for insurance purposes if requested.

Our Latest CCTV Equipment in use...

Pre-purchase drain surveys for home buyers

Most surveyors are now recommended drainage surveys as one of the most important parts of buying your new home. Whether the home is a new build or old then drainage survey are recommended.

Structural defects within drains can cause massive problems for homebuyers, if these aren't found before Exchange the new home buyers are often left to foot the bill for the damage such as cracked drains, blockages, rodent infestation to be repaired.

A pre-purchase cctv drain survey can spot any potential problems before they appear, giving the buyer, the opportunity to negotiate with the seller or even pull out of the purchase.

What problems might a CCTV Drain Survey uncover?

CCTV Surveys are ideal to uncover current or future problems within the drainage system. These could be structual problems from sloppy build work or damage due to the age of the property. Our surveys are designed to give access to the information you need to make a decision based on the evidence in front of you to resolve your drainage issues quickly.

  • Partial or totally collapsed pipes
  • Redundant drain lines
  • Root intrusion from Trees and Bushes  
  • Rodent infestation 
  • Displaced or open joints
  • Cracked or broken drains